Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

$20 Lieutenant Playsuit from Lolita Girl
What a great way to kick off summer by celebrating our country's birthday.  Woohoo!  With friends, family, BBQ, and fireworks I really don't know a better way to commemorate the good ole red, white, and blue.  Well, this year I did... I up-ed myself a notch and purchased an all American-made and 50's inspired romper by Lolita Girl.  Check out my review on Yelp here.

I absolutely love this blue romper as it's both comfy and playful.  It definitely shows off my curves without showing too much skin and I love the white accent high waisted belt as it gives the allusion of an hour-glass figure.  Additionally, the quality is top-notch as the material is super soft and the stitching is impecable.  But if that wasn't enough wait till you hear this. I bought this adorable outfit for just 20 bucks!  A total steal in my opinion given the design and fabric choice.

So you might be wondering how I was able to snag this deal. Well... I think one important concept to grasp for bargain hunting is to shop off-season. I purchased this romper back in February during her Sample Sale.  "Like" her on facebook to find out about her next one!    

$2 swimsuit
Now it's definitely not summer if you're not wearing your swimsuit. Sadly, I didn't go for a swim, but I did wear it today! I bought this cute black and white Mossimo (Target brand) two piece for a buck a piece. Yup you heard me, a buck a piece. So a total of $2.

Again... I bought this during an off-season for swimming, which in this case was December.  Ironically, I didn't buy this at Target and I'm sure many of you will be quite surprised where I made this find.  I actually bought this at my local Swap Meet (Golden West College Swap Meet for you local OC readers) and it was new with tags! And since it was at the Swap Meet, there was no tax-- Score!

Target (and many other companies) often resale their left-over merchandise to other vendors to make room for new items in their store.  Makes sense, and it totally appeases my wardrobe and wallet. I actually bought 2 other swimsuits here and use them as sports bras when I go to the gym.  Thinking outside the box on how you can utilize your merchandise is a great way to save money too!  So you really can use your swimsuit year-round, even if you live in colder climates.

Summary on Today's Tips
1. Buy merchandise off-season.  Merchants want to push out their inventory to make room for incoming shipments, which is great for both parties.
2. Sign up on your favorite product's Facebook page and watch out for Sample Sale annoucements.
3. Think outside the box to utilize your merchandise. You'll get the best bang for your buck!
4. Check out our local Swap Meet. You never know what you're going to find and it's tax-free!

Hope this was helpful and I hope you all had a wonderful and patriotic day.

Yours Truly,


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