Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ichi - Ni - Soooore!

Translation? 1.. 2... 3 go!
Wow, I sincerely don't have words to describe how beautiful it is to see traditional Japanese drumming come alive. I once attended a taiko practice with one of my girlfriends back in college to check it out, but lost touch with her when I moved to the East Coast.  This performance brought back sweet memories and tickled my ears with the sweet deep sounds as I listened to this complimentary performance at my local library.    

Free Taiko Performance @ the FV Library, CA
No BOGO Free for me today @ F21 :(
Not a bad way to start the weekend considering the price, proximity to my house, and the cultural learning.  Again, the Deals Diva from the OC Register alerted me about this performance. Not sure what I'd do without this newspaper buddy.

After the performance I headed over to South Coast Plaza to evaluate Forever 21's "Buy 1, Get 1 Free" offerings and out of the 20 pieces, I didn't find anything worth buying and put them all back.

Now as awesome as "the deal" was, bargain hunting is only helpful when you actually use your purchase. You're not saving any money if you make purchases that will sit in your closest. We all know we've done it.  Gosh I've done it multiple times.

But today was victorious! and I feel great that the marketing tactic didn't work on me this time!  But boy was I hungry by the end of hunt.  

Pesto Turkey (approx. $7) @ Euro Cafe, Costa Mesa CA
If you haven't done so already, be sure to download the Yelp app on your phone (I don't work for them BTW) because it's a great way to find local restaurants, bars, salons etc and you can see how other people have experienced those shops.  We came across this cute little cafe on her phone and the price range was just up our alley. Check out my review here.

Additionally, if you "check-in" you may be able to get a freebie or a discount on your purchase. For that particular shop we got free cookies. Woot!

On the side note. For those of you who are interested in attending the Pageant of the Masters. They're selling discounted tickets for one of the performances!  Thanks to the Deals Diva once more.  

Summary for Today's Tips
1. Follow your local paper and find free things to do in your area.
2. With promotions we are easily tempted to purchased solely because of "the deal."  Resist the temptation if you don't love or need that purchase.
3. Download the yelp app on your smartphone to help you find local flare and check-in to unlock discounts or freebies!

What do you think about the BOGO Free marketing tactic? Have you made purchases that you had second thoughts about? If yes, what did you end up doing with them?

Yours Truly,


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