Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Package for Moi?!

Surprise Surprise! :D
Upon arriving home I noticed a large package sitting on at my doorstep and I don't know about you, but I love receiving packages (especially big ones!) So of course I grabbed my box and rushed to find a pair of scissors to open it. And to my surprise, it was my custom t-shirt blanket that I ordered a couple of months ago! Yay! I looked over my new blanket in all it's glory and to no surprise my first reaction went something like this...

"Goodness I spent a lot of money on all those cheer uniforms!"

I am so gracious that my parents allowed me to participate in such an expensive activity, and I guess because of that I couldn't bring myself to donate those old uniforms to Goodwill.  Same with some of the other t-shirts, since I designed them back in high school.  Donating them would be like... giving away a part of my soul.  Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but you catch my drift.

But one day I found Mominizer, a small business focused on custom quilts, through Plum District, a Groupon0esc Website for moms. And no I am not one with child but they just have really fantastic deals that are very family-oriented like zoo tickets, pizza parties spa treatments, etc. If you're into that I highly recommend checking them out. Click here.

Now of course if you can sew and want to create your own quilt, all the more power to you! But unfortunately, I have zero skills in sewing. So this was my best option, which is a-okay because they did a great job and now I can use these sentimental pieces from high school and college in a conventional manner! I plan to use this as a cover-up for my bed and maybe even take this along for tomorrow's outdoor show, since it is predicted to be cold.

At the time this promotion was $75 for $150 worth of one of her quilt packages. I choose the 3x4 shirt quilt simply because I only had 12 items that I wanted on the quilt. That's quite a bargain for a hand-made and extremely time-consuming project, but here are some tips to save even a few more bucks.

***First, create an account on (Free) or use your Credit Cards Rewards Mall incentive.  These are middle-men websites that get paid a commission if you use their link to make an online purchase to one of their participating online sotes (ie. Groupon, Ann Taylor, Threadless, etc).  All this means is if you use their website to connect to your designation website, they're earn money and you'll earn money (given that you make a purchase).

It usually takes Fatwallet 90 days to process, but when it's all said and done you will get cash back. I think I earned $1.88 on that particular item through Fatwallet. The cash back will add up if you regularly utilize this option.

***Second search for a "Promo Code".  I like to use but you can use Google too.  Copy and paste that code into the identified box on the merchants webstie and voila! You've just saved even more.  The coupon codes for this particular website (Plum District) ranges from 10%-25%.

Summary of Today's Tips
1.  Rethink ways to use items you already own. In this case old shirts can turn into a blanket!
2.  Use a middle-man website (such as Fatwallet) before reaching your final website destination. You can earn cash back this way
3. Always search for a Promo Code. It just takes a few clicks and you can potentially save a large percentage of your purchase off.

What do you guys think about these methods? Do you have any middle-men servers or Promo-Code websites that can help us save even more?  Would love to hear from you.

Yours Truly.


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