Monday, July 9, 2012

Pageant of the Masters

Friday I had the pleasant opportunity to check out one of Orange County’s treasure—The Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach, CA.  As one of the winners in the Deals Diva’s youtube challenge, I was awarded two tickets to a VIP preview.  Click here for the article on the OC Register website with my “award-winning” youtube clip. Yeah, it's not that impressive, but still a winner! 

As an avid Facebook user, I think there’s a great advantage to following your local newspaper.  Merchants and Entertainers want people to know about their sales and events, so it makes sense that they would inform these agencies about what's happening. I follow Deals Diva on Facebook and have found countless free or near-free activities, sample sales, and events.  Here's the link to her facebook page.  But onto the show!

The Pageant of the Masters Entrance

The Pageant of the Masters was a pretty magical experience and it's definitely something you need to do at least once!  Read my account on my yelp page here. I especially encourage all SoCal residents to check it out. This show has been going strong for 80 years and tickets are sold as early as January for July showings.   Now it's unfair for me to call this a bargain since I received the tickets for free. But here are a few tips to help you get the best bang for your buck!

Planning for a performance/show

1. Do your research. For any shows/performances be sure to check out yelp and search for "parking" within the reviews.  Laguna Beach is especially notorious for being one of the worst places to find parking and past attendants will definitely give you the 411.  In this case, it's cheaper to park at the meter ($1 hourly) vs. a parking lot ($10 flat rate) since they're not enforced after 7pm.  The show is usually at 8:30pm, so be sure to get there early!

Outdoor Stadium Seating
2. Dress in layers. Yes some patrons came decked out in their fancy-shamcy outfits, but were freezing by the intermission. The show capitalized on this and rented blankets for $5.  Be prepared!  

3. Bring your own food and drinks.  Not only will you not have pay a premium for the items but you won't have to wait in line either!

4. Borrow Binoculars.  They will rent it for $9 at the show, I'm sure you can find a neighbor or relative to lend you theirs for free.   

5. Check out all the exhibits.  Tickets for this show start at $20, but all tickets include entry for the artist fair.  There are some pretty amazing professional and student artwork and jewelry pieces, which will definitely entertain you.  See the photo below... made completely out of spoons and knives!!! 

Spoon and knife shark. Crazy talent at this artist fair!

Summary of Today's Tips
For any show or event, you definitely need to do your research. Ask family and friends who have gone in the past, or search on yelp/tripadvisor/urbanspoon for recommendations or advice.  This will definitely minimize your spending if you plan it out in advance.

If you have tips on minimizing expenses and maximizing the Pageant experience leave a comment below.  

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