Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Betsey Bounces Back!

I am overwhelmed with emotion as I write this as I recently found out that my long-time fashion icon is returning to the fashion world. After filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy earlier this year, I was beyond devastated to learn that new creations would cease to exist. The crazy, bold, and girly, and sometimes edgy garments really speak to me, and I'm sure you can see her inspirations in my pairings.  But like a phoenix she rose from the ashes and is making a come-back!

To kick off her rebirth, Betsey Johnson will make a personal appearance at Nordstroms at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA this Saturday August 18th from 3:00pm- 4:30pm.  She's celebrating her 70th birthday, so be sure to shower her with love.  Click here for more info.
Her clothes are very bold and by no means a cheap. Both of these items (The red thriller-esc jacket and the black/white tutu dress) were major splurge pieces. Methinks... $45 for the jacket and $125 for the dress?  Yes, still pretty steep by my standards (even for outlets), but the way her clothes make me feel--priceless.  I've worn the thriller jacket at least twice and the black tu-tu twice as well.

Summary of Today's Tips
1. Sometimes you can't really put a price tag a creative genius' work and a splurge every once in a while is okay.  Just don't make it a habit :)
2. If you're planning to make a major splurge plan out the days when you're going to wear them so they don't just sit in your closet and you'll feel better about your investment.

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