Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 3: Timeless

Ralph Lauren and Kenneth Cole are two of my favorite designers because their pieces are classic and timeless. I scored both of these at the Women Helping Women Sale in Santa Ana and was thinking of ways to wear both in a work environnent and a casual BBQ potluck that I would attend later that evening.  Here's what I came up with.  

For work I decided to scrunch up the sleeves for a casual vibe and added a belt to define my waistline.  I pulled my hair back into a messy bun for a sophisticated office look.

After a long day at the office I rushed home to pop my cupcakes in the oven and pulled out all the bobby pins to let down my wavy hair.  My hair is naturally straight so this is a quick way to curl your hair without any heat!  I swapped my closed-toe shoes for some strappy heals that I also thrifted, and drapped my sweater over my shoulders for an elegant feel.  

Kenneth Cole Dress: $5, Women Helping Women, Santa Ana, CA
Ralph Lauren Cotten Sweater: $4, Women Helping Women, Santa Ana, CA
White and Gold Belt: $.50
Earrings: $5.50 Claires, Boston, MA

Flats: $10 (Clearance), Payless, Cypress, CA 
Strappy Nude Heals: $4, Women Helping Women, Santa Ana, CA 

Look 1: $25
Look 2: $19

The bible study reunion potluck was awesome. Complete with juicy and tender tri-tip, ribs that fell of the bones, homemade potatoe salad, BBQ beans. corn on the cob.... and the list goes on and on.  Oh and the company was good too :) 

This feast was made for a king. Thanks Dave and Patty for hosting!  

Rewind before party...
When I opened my oven and saw that the cupcakes bled chocolate I was astonished and didn't know what to do. This is not what the picture on the box looks like!! 

But as I took them out and arranged them in a glass tray I began to like the chocolate swirl look. It started to grow on me and I actually got a lot of compliments from the party. 

Fundamiddles Cupcake Mix: $.25, Grocery Outlet (Closed), Fountain Valley, CA
60 Cupcake wrapper: $1.80, Big Lots, Fountain Valley CA
Gallon of Milk: $2.89 Ralphs, Fountain Valley, CA
Dozen Eggs: $1.69 Ralphs, Fountain Valley, CA

Unfortunately Grocery Outlet is no longer opened in Fountain Valley. However, I have seen this type of mix at Big Lots.  

Here's a peak on what we feasted on. Yes you have permission to salivate. :) 

Summary of Today's Tips
1. You can completely change your outfit simply by wearing your sweater over your shoulder.
2.  If your recipe detours from the original arrangement, make it work!

Yours Truly,


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  1. Totally thought that the cupcakes were supposed to be swirly before you said anything about them (as they look like cheesecake brownies). I see you're channeling Tim Gunn's philosophy.