Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 5: Quirky with an Edge

A loose comfy tee with a fitted pair of pants is a household staple, but what I love about this tee is the contrasting stripped sleeves with the basic gray foundation.  Additionally it was super soft and comfy so how could I resist! I decided to fold up the full length sleeves to a three quarter length contrast the loose base more.  To edge up the look I paired it with this a necklace with similar silver tones and a bright blue bag that I snagged at a Women Helping Women Sale for $4. Did I mention it's genuine leather too? :)


J Crew Stripped Tee: $4, Women Helping Women, Santa Ana CA
Rock and Republic Tuxedo Dress Pants: $25, Designer Fashion Clearance 
Leather Blue Clutch: $4, Women Helping Women, Santa Ana, CA
Necklace: $8, Boutique in Santa Ana, CA
Black Strappy Heals: $4, Women Helping Women, Santa Ana, CA

Total: $40
Summary of Today's Tips
1. You can still look put together with comfortable clothes. Just remember to contrast your top and bottom. Fitted top, loose bottoms and vice versa.  
2. Add a pop of color in your accessories (ie. shoes, bags, jewelry)

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  1. Nice finds!! Love soft shirts. Your hair looks good, too. ;)