Saturday, September 22, 2012

$8 Print Dress: Day 2 Night OOTD

I bought this obnoxious electric crimson dress earlier this summer and had only worn it once since then. So, when I was invited to a party with a red dress code, I felt obligated to debut this ensemble in a fresh new way.  Though I did initially struggle with finding a way to make it work appropriate, I decided to make the dress a top and layered it with a soft camel trench. Appropriate for Fall and the bold print color gives the outfit a healthy dose of color!

But once the work day was done, I allowed the dress to take center stage and paired it with a black belt to extenuate my curves. I swapped out my heels for some black bootie wedges because I knew that I would be standing for an extended period of time and added black tights to not only elongate my legs but also to bring out the robust pattern on the dress. So... Ta-da! Here's my day-to-night ensemble.        

Day Look
Black and Red Dress: $8, Platos Closet, Costa Mesa, CA
Camel Forever 21 Trench: $12, Just Like New Consignment, Glastonbury,  CT
Rock n' Republic Dress Pants: $20, Designer Fashion Clearance, Las Vegas, NV
Ellen Tracy Heels: $29.99, TJ Maxx, Fountain Valley, CA
Large Leather F+C bag: $65, Lucky Shops, New York, NY 

Night Look
Black and Red Dress: $8, Platos Closet, Costa Mesa, CA
Waist Belt: $4, Miso Chic Boutique, Farmington CT
Black Convertible Tights: ??, Dance Catalog from years past 
Aerosole booty wedges: $34.99, TJ Maxx, Fountain Valley, CA

*All pieces were items I already owned prior to this challenge.

As a faithful yelper, I was invited to the most recent Elite gathering at Downtown Disney's UVA Bar where I bumped into old friends and made new ones as well.  We were privileged to sample a wide range of food including made-to-order guacamole and the bar was fully equipped (both staff and liquor). Read my full review here.  

It's awesome to be a part of a group that shares the same hobbies and interests, though I really can't imagine anyone not loving food!  And what's a better way to shop for an event than in your closet?!  I'm still challenging myself to not gravitate to the same 5 outfits day-in and day-out and have come up with some unique combinations. Comment below for more OOTD posts :)

How do you tame a garment with a wild pattern?

Summary of Today's Tips
1. Black is an almost full proof color to match any outfit.
2. Tame wild patterns with a soft neutral color.
3. Don't sacrifice function and style. Wear a wedge for added height and comfort for your feet.
4. Get out of your comfort zone and try new outfit combinations!

Yours Truly.



  1. Super cute dress! You look fab! How did you shorten it to be a top? I want to see more of your wedge booties.

  2. Hi Carol! The dress is made from a light cotton material so it was easy for me to just fold it under. Will do more OOTD with booties since Fall fashion is here :D