Friday, September 28, 2012

Budget Wedding: Bridesmaid Dress Tips

The average cost of a bridesmaid dress is $100-$150, but can cost upwards of $300-$500 for couture or designer pieces.  If you watch "Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaid's edition" you'll know what I'm taking about. It's insane how pricey a garment can cost! 

So, I decided to start a budget wedding series to help brides and brides-to-be think about ways to cut costs. I mean a wedding can be a huge financial burden! But with these tips I hope that I can help you cut the price down significantly, if not at least in half.

1. Shop in the Girls Junior Section
If your girls are petitie consider browsing the Girls Junior section. Not only will the garment fit a small frame, but save you money as children's apparel are virtually always cheaper than the adult version.

2. Shop after a major holiday/event (ie. Christmas or Prom)
You'd be surprised at how many special occasion or formal appareal is available after the parties are said and done.  And of course you'll be getting them on sale! :)  

3. Buy dresses in bulk:
When purchasing online you'll have the advantage to save on shipping costs and also be able to cross off another item on your "to do list." In stores, you can ask the store owner if you can get a discount since you're buying multiples. You never known unless you ask.

4. Attend a bridal sample sale: 
As a frequent sample sale shopper I've noticed two things. The first day has the best selection and last day has the best price.  Check out and check out their trunk sale section for sample sales near your city.

Me and my lovely bridesmaids on my big day :) Photo Credit: Crystal Jean Photography

5. Shop at a retail store vs. a wedding boutique
Anything with the "wedding tag" attached to it will have a price increase of at least double.  Do yourself and your bridesmaids a favor and consider a dress outside of the wedding zone.  There are many appropriate garments that may not scream wedding, but may actually be reworn afterwards.  

6. Rent a dress
It's crazy what you can borrow these days and dresses are no exception. You can rent online at websites like or type in a search engine "rent dresses" and multiple stores may pop up. I've noticed in the Asian communities that type of business is abundant.

What tips do you have on getting a bridesmaid's dress for a bargain? 

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  1. I want to see your yellow earrings close up and more of your red velvet jacket/top!

  2. Oh you're so cute Carol. I LOOOOVE the earrings. They're just so sparkly :) The red jacket is from Betsey Johnson and I posted a photo of the jacket in my Betsey Johnson Bounces Back post. <3