Sunday, September 30, 2012

Budget Wedding: My Wedding Skimps & Splurges

I filmed a video earlier this weekend on tips for Bridal Beauty, but realized that some viewers might be curious about what I used myself for the big day.  So I decided to post this video and post first since it was easier to edit and I was more excited to share my scrumptious goodies.  I'm still very new to the editing world, so please excuse some of the abrupt transitions and blurry product showcases.  I'll get better in time I promise! :)    

1. VENA CAVA DRESS: I bought this short flirty dress at Lucky Shops NYC, a discounted designer goods shopping experience hosted by Lucky Magazine. Click here to find out about tickets.  It's usually hosted in October on a Saturday for those of you who are interested. They also have the same shopping experience in LA.  I hadn't gone to that one myself, but here's an article if you're interested in learning more about it. Click here. This dress was a runway piece from the previous season that retailed at over $1200. However, I snagged it for $100. Score! Watch my video to see how I championed that :)

I think it's awesome to look at garments that wouldn't automatically scream bridal and using them for your special occasion.  I actually used it twice (engagement shoot and wedding reception).  Here's a pic below of me during my reception.           

Photo Credit: Eileen Liu Photography

2. STEVE MADDEN SHOES: I also purchased these shoes at that same event but a previous year in the charity section of the show. Designers and generous individuals donated gently used or new items from their own closet to benefit a charity of choice. I believe that year it was the AIDS foundation. So, not only was I getting really high quality and fashionable pieces, but also support a good cause. I love it when separate patrons both benefit from the shopping experience. Oh and might I add that it was only $20. Yes! Steve Maddens for 20 bucks!!! 

Photo Credit: Crystal Jean Photography
Photo Credit: Crystal Jean Photography

3. METAL SWAVROSKI CRYSTAL HAIRPIECE: This simple barret retailed at $500, but I bought it for $20 at a Priscila of Boston Sample Sale.  So be sure to check out the accessories when you're browsing the sample sale. Most girls just focus on the dresses. 

4. BUMP-IT: This little item helped give my hair a much needed "bump" in volume.     

5. MAKE-UP FOREVER MAKE-UP: This was a major splurge for me, but I thought it was a worthwhile investment considering I could still use the products long after the wedding.  Click here for the foundation I used, here for the primer, and here for the translucent powder.   

My photographer told me that it's important to use foundation without SPF. I'll go over it in detail on why in my Budget Wedding:Bridal Beauty post. 
6. CORTEX 4-IN-1 CURLING IRON: I spoke about this wand in a previous post and thought that it awesome because it actually curled my hair and was an exceptional value (4 barrels, 1 wand!). If you're a naive hair curler, this wand is magical and will curl even my hair which is stick straight.  I bought mine from Groupon Goods, but this is readily available on Amazon as well.  

7. PINK SEQUIN BALLROOM OUTFIT:  I'm an entertainer so it only made sense for me to perform a dance piece for my wedding. I even got my bridesmaids on it too! Craziness  but it such a great entrance.  I'll try to post a video of the routine in the future.

What did or will you skimp and splurge on your wedding day?

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  1. I'll definitely check this out when I get married!!

  2. You are wise beyond your years D Tu :)