Monday, October 8, 2012

Family Day in Laguna Beach + Free Musuem Admission

As a SoCal native, I think I am spoiled rotten when it comes to sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and abundant family and friends to enjoy it with. This post is long over-due but I genuinely wanted to share this gorgeous photo I took overlooking the ocean. Simply magestic, wouldn't you agree?

Back in September there was a nationwide dedicated Saturday for free musuem admission and though all the large and richly packed centers were located in the big cities, my aunt and I decided to stick to an intimate local one for my grandmother to explore. Read my review here.
The Laguna Art Museum was a great change of scenary for my grandma and the proximity to the beach was an added cherry on top! It's great to be able to appreciate both natural and man-man creations.

Spending time with family is a huge priority to me and I love sharing all things beautiful with them.
What do enjoy with your family?

Yours Truly,


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