Tuesday, November 27, 2012

$7 Oscar De La Renta Scarf OOTD & Pearls with Purpose!

I thrifted this scarf a few months ago and absolutely it! The bold colors and intricate designs makes a statement in-and-of-itself, so I thought what better way to showcase this piece than by laying it over a simple gray canvas with my hair pulled back into a messy bun.  I paired it with skinny jeans that I purchased in a Forever 21 branch in New York many years back and my perfect for Fall Zara boots that I thrifted in October.      

Oscar De La Renta Scarf: $7, Thrift Shop, Orange, CA
Grey Shirt: $5, Orange County Marketplace, Santa Ana, CA
Skinny Jeans: $20 range Forever 21, New York, NY
Genuine Pearl Earrings: $10, Pearls with Purpose, Costa Mesa (show), CA
Zara Boots: $4, Women Helping Women, Santa Ana, CA

For jewelry I decided to keep it simple and I went with grey pearls drop earrings that I recently purchased from my holiday shopping run. What I love about these earrings is not only the elevated elegance that it adds to my outfit but the mission statement of the company. Pearls with Purpose is a nonprofit organization that works with women from third world countries who hand crafted genuine pearl jewelry pieces. The revenue earned helps them get back on their feet and support their family. This company is an online business but often set up their booth at various shows (such as A Very Haute Holiday in Costa Mesa, CA back in November).  Check out their facebook page for more info. 

What statement piece will you wearing this holiday season?  

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  1. I remember when you got this scarf. Loved it then and love it now. Good find!