Friday, November 30, 2012

Costume Party: Black Swan backdate 10/26/12

I am extremely upset that blogger deleted a huge chunk of my posts. Luckily my tech savvy hubby found a way to retrieve some of them and they are as it was written originally (see below). The following few posts will be a collection of my lost posts with today's date. Please bear with me as these posts are memory pieces for me. Thanks


Like most little girls, I grew up dancing and prancing across the stage in fluffy tutus and soft pink slippers. Twirling round and round and leaping from stage left to right; I was a pretty pretty ballerina! Yet, ironically in my ballet debut I was featured as a seagull in our studio's production of The Little Mermaid. Not the part I had in mind, but we all have humble beginings. This year I decided to spread my wings and took on a new role- the coveted lead as The Black Swan. Though I've long retired my pointe shoes and leotards, my girlfriend from college invited me to a costume party-- the perfect excuse to relieve my glorious childhood.

The eye makeup may look intimidating but it was actually quite simple. I used Natalie Portman's Black Swan movie poster as my guide and outlined everything with a white eye liner pencil first. After I marked everything I traced it over with my black cream eye liner, popped on some black and grey eye shadow, dabbed some glitter and voila! I was ready to take center stage!     

The party was an intimate affair complete with all things Halloween. We swapped office horror stories and indulged in many sweet treats like the Bat cupcake above-- isn't it adorable?!  Tasty too! I love Halloween. It's the one time in the year where everyone can play dress-up and show-off some awesome creativity skills.  I'm not one that usually likes to buy a pre-made costume, so this was the perfect opportunity to "make it work" with items I already owned. 

What kind of costume do you plan to showcase for October?

Yours Truly,


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