Friday, November 30, 2012

Major Thrift Haul: backdate 11/4/12

I am extremely upset that blogger deleted a huge chunk of my posts. Luckily my tech savvy hubby found a way to retrieve some of them and they are as it was written originally (see below). The following few posts will be a collection of my lost posts with today's date. Please bear with me as these posts are memory pieces for me. Thanks


Yay! This post is finally here! I'm so sorry to keep you all in anxious anticipation for this haul, but rest assured as you can enjoy it on youtube now! It's a long video, but I found a bunch of fabulous items with my paupers paycheck. "Like" the video and subscribe to my channel it you want to see more!

And yes you heard correctly, I scored all the items for $70!  14 to be exact, though three of the items were not featured in the video, solely because I forgot during filming. *sad face* But scroll down below to check out the pretty earrings and black tank top from The Limited.  I gifted one of the items (a sweater) so unfortunately I no longer have it with me to share with ya'll, but hopefully all the photos and video will suffice.

Traditionally I would indicate the pricing of each item; however, at this sale there was too many to number to keep track of. From off the top of my head I recall dresses ranging from $5-$10, Blazers $7, Shoes $4-$6, Belts $2, Tops $4, and absolutely nothing over $10! Craziness!  Also, I wanted to apologize for the poor photo quality.  It was late and I really wanted to wear my new goodies (since I didn't in the videos), so lighting is terrible.  Let me know which item is your favorite!

Blazer 1: Banana Republic
Blazer 2: Debbie Shuchat

Green Dress: Forever Unique
Blue Dress: Three Dots

Silver Dress: Mikael Aghal 
Black & White Dress: Maggie London

Black Top: The Limited
Tight Cream Capris: Cynthia Steff 
Looser Blue Capris: Liz Claiborne

Tan Trench Coat: Pink Tartan 

 Vintage Earrings

Cowboy Belt

If you're in the SoCal area you should definitely hit up one of Women Helping Women's quarterly sale. The next one is in January and is always hosted on a Saturday morning.  Great way to change up your wardrobe and all proceeds go towards a great cause. Win-win!

What item would you like me to style multiple ways?

Yours Truly,


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  1. Love the earrings! Fan shaped earrings are definitely a new and upcoming trend!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Happy holidays to you too! :)