Thursday, November 29, 2012

Restaurant Review: Authentic Noodles at Pho 79, Westminster CA

Little Saigon in Westminster, California is home to the largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam which means access to a wide array of delicious Vietnamese cuisine.  Everything from banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) to pho (rice noodles) and everything in between all conveniently located in one area. Yet, with a wealth of small mom pop joints it's hard to distinguish which spot to check out. There are so many shops competing against one another that many of the restaurants offer a 50% off any pho bowls (dine-in only).   

The 50% off price tag attracts many customers and greatly appeals to a bargain hunter like myself, but when I'm craving Vietnamese noodles I without doubt will go to my child-hood favorite joint--Pho 79.  Above is a photo of my hubby's large pho bowl with meatballs.   

While it's not the most cost-efficient choice, the food served at Pho 79 is just extremely flavorful and completely worth the full price IMHO ($5-$9 depending on size).   But ironically I no longer order the Pho here... I get bun (image above).  The bun (vermicelli noodles) is hiding under all the wonderful proteins and veggies  *drools* Read my yelp review on all the details.  

The food here is yummy that my hubby kept sneaking some bites when I wasn't looking. lol Not all Pho restaurants all the same and Pho 79 is definitely among the best.

Do you have a favorite Vietnamese noodles restaurant?

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