Friday, November 9, 2012

Sick Day Remedies!

Brr... It's cold in here. Okay, perhaps California cold does not compare to the rest of our country, but it is the season when everyone is starting to get sick especially with the cold or flu. So I decided to compile a list of remedies (natural and store products) to help my readers prepare for those under the weather days.  And as always... these are affordable ways to relieve your symptons. So, go ahead and check out my video!

DISCLAIMER: Obviously if you are experiencing these symptoms for more than a week please consult your doctor as these suggestions are only meant for temporary relief.  But if you're in the initial stages (or are planning ahead) I hope these recommendations will help you get through it! 

Broken down into several categories of the most common symptons experienced while sick, here's my guide to getting better!

Dry Skin
Humidifier:  The air is dry and so is your skin, but for me the dryness just concentrates on my nose. To help put moisture back into the air consider a humidfier. I purchased mine from Amazon for about $30. If you're interested in the one I purchase click here. It's a small investment, but it made a huge difference.

Use topical ointments to rub on your chest and throat: I used Vicks VapoRub and it was magical. I felt like the phlegm in my chest was evaporating away and it helped me relax while in bed.  I purchased mine from Big Lots, but you can also pick these up from your local drugstore.

Sore Throat
Gargle warm water and salt: This is a simple and easy way to clear our your throat and remove the buildup of mucus and phlegm.  Just pour in warm water in your favorite cup, swirl in some salt, gargle and spit out. The salt will absorb the unwanted phlegm and keep your throat clear temporarily.

Drink hot water with honey and lemon: Drinking this combination will help you relax but it also contains properties that will help fight germs! Honey will help coat your throat whereas the lemon will give you the much needed Vitamin C. Additionally, it's a tasty treat to soothe yourself.

Runny/Stuffy Nose
Breathe in hot steam:  While you're taking a hot shower or if you're drinking a hot beverage (like the one above), be sure to inhale all the steam.  The steam will help clear out your nostril and is an effective way to help with your congestion.  

Saline: The miracles of salt and water continues! If you're not familiar with saline, it's a little bottle that you use to squirt into your nose. It's all natural, though there are products out there that do have medication, but this one doesn't have addiction precautions. So when you can go natural! 

Over the Counter Medicine
Mucinex: Generally speaking I am a strong supporter of generic drugs; however, I am willing to surrender to a product that can deliver admirable results.  This product is one of those items and here's why. It's a duel layer pill that releases part of the medication initially and the rest throughout the day. Brilliant!

What's your best tip with a speedy recovery?

Yours Truly,