Friday, November 30, 2012

Thrift Haul: Classic Pieces backdate 11/10/12

I am extremely upset that blogger deleted a huge chunk of my posts. Luckily my tech savvy hubby found a way to retrieve some of them and they are as it was written originally (see below). The following few posts will be a collection of my lost posts with today's date. Please bear with me as these posts are memory pieces for me. Thanks


With an extra hour added to our day I thought what better way to spend it than by sharing some of my frugal finds. I scored several classic pieces throughout the past few months as proof that thrifting is not only for hipsters. Check out my video and "like" it if you want to see more Thrift Hauls in the future.

Thrifting is not only a frugal way to puchase items, but also an exciting treasure hunt. I love discovering new things and paying a fraction of the retail cost is a huge motivater. Below, I included images of my different purchases, as well as the price and location where I purchased it.

Though part of the charm in thrifting is being able to find pieces that no one else can buy, perhaps lighting may strike twice and you'll find a hidden gem there too!  Not all thrift stores are created equally so check out my yelp list on detailed accounts about many of my experiences.

Click here, for an extensive list of shops in Orange County,CA and here for Boston, MA click here. For all other cities, stay tuned for a list of my top picks!  

Blue Talbots Blazer: $2.50 Goodwill Marketplace, Santa Ana, CA
Express Design Studio Gold Shrug: Salvation Army, Fountain Valley, CA 

Black Wool Ann Taylor Vest: $5.50 Goodwill, Garden Grove 
White Long Sleeved Talbots Shirt: $5.00 Thrift Town, San Francisco, CA
Blue Tee with Rhinstone embelishments: $2.50 Thrift Town, San Francisco, CA

100% Wool Purple Skirt: $2.50 Goodwill, Lakeforest, CA
100% Cashmere Sweater: $4.00 Women Helping Women, Santa Ana CA

White Belt with Gold Buckle: $.50 Lutheran High Thrift Shop, Orange, CA

Which classic piece is your favorite?

Yours Truly,


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