Saturday, December 1, 2012

Black Friday Thrift Haul & Club Monaco Internet Purchases

I am so incredibly upset that my blogger deleted a substantial number of my posts *shakes fist vigorously* but regardless I am still using it to share some fantastic news! A new video upload *hears roaring crowd cheering* Thank you, thank you :)

As we all know Black Friday is one of the most popular days to start holiday shopping, yet unlike most shoppers I decided to dig at a local thrift shop to score some major bargains. My local Salvation Army had a 50% off all clothing sales and I definitely snagged a few goodies.  5 pieces for $15! Craziness!!! And my hubby had scored a few items from Club Monaco online. Here's my video and don't forget to "thumbs up"

Ironically my hubby decided to return the bag after I filmed, so he told me to buy whatever I wanted to replace his original order. I'll film another video when that package arrives. Wee!!!

How did you spend your Black Friday?

Yours Truly,


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