Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Burberry Rain-boots OOTD

My husband said that it never rains in California and that I wouldn't get any mileage out of my new favorite purchase. Well hubby... it's a good thing that you didn't pursue a career as a weather forecaster because it has been drizzly and gloomy all week!  But I still love you the same:)

I've never been so excited about rainy weather! What a way to show off my newest goodie... My Burberry rain-boots that I scored at my recent Vegas trip.  

I had been wanting a pair of the classic print Burberry boots for the past 5 years, but either couldn't bring find a pair that were my size or bring myself to fork over the $220+ purchase. *sighs*  But this year I was able to find a pair that fit my feet and fit the bill (-$100 off retail!!)! Yes!!     

Nevertheless, this purchase was a huge splurge for me and I believe the most I've ever spent on a pair of shoes. The lowest price that I've seen for a size 6.5 is $120 and though I had my doubts I absolutely have no regrets about this purchase.  I hope it rains for the next couple of weeks! These shoes are way too gorgeous to let them sit in the closest. :D    

FYI: My hair looks different because we actually both went to get our hair cut/styled and I forgot to capture a shot of the base of the outfit. Silly me!

Lace Top: Platos Closet, Costa Mesa, CA
Abercrombie & Fitch tank: Palos Verdes Resale, Lomita, CA
Black Blank NYC Skinny Jeans: Marsalls, Costa Mesa, CA
Necklace: Eugenes, Costa Mesa, CA
Burberry boots: Burberry Outlet, Las Vegas NV
White BeBe jacket: Gift

For the outfit pairing I decided to keep a neutral palette of whites, greys, and blacks to really allow the classic beige Burberry print to shine. I paired the boots with my favorite black skinny jeans and layered two thrifted tops upon one another and added a necklace in the same color family to help elongate my figure.  It's was a bit cold so I wore my white BeBe jacket that my dad purchased for me a few years back.

How do you dress for a rainy day?

Yours Truly,


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