Sunday, December 16, 2012

When I pay full price & when I don't, plus discount mall haul video!

Don't get me wrong I never like paying full price for anything but every once in a while it happens. Oh  how I despise my feeling of defeat... but from time to time it can be difficult to find a counterpart that can fill the needs the same way that the one full price item does. While I do a large majority of my shopping either online, from a discount warehouse, or a second-hand store there are certain items that I am willing to invest time and money to find the perfect product. For this month those two items happen to be in the beauty and fashion category. I've searched high and low for these two basics and decided on these investments pieces     

*Splurge: Victoria's Secret Nude Strapless and Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
*Skimp: Watch video below!

Splurge: Bra and Eye Liner
NUDE STRAPLESS BRA: In my experience most of the discount warehouses carry wild colors and extravagent designs, which is great for me since I love really bold colors and designs. However, recently my nude strapless gave out and no longer holds up my girls the same way that it use to- RIP. So, I was on a journey to find a new foundation piece. While I don't advocate for retail price often here's my logic on why I made the splurge.

1. Fit: Perhaps I've watched too many episodes of "What not to wear" but it seems that a good fitting bra really does serve as the foundation for all your garments. Also, if it doesn't feel good, you most likely won't look good either.    

2. Color: Nude is a basic color that will go with any outfit and will never go out of style... ever.

3. Strapless or multistraps: I won't lie, I have a few morepieces that show off my clavicle. Scandalous I know... 

Skimp: Lip Liner, Candle, & Spa treatment
BLACK EYE LINER: I'm open to trying new beauty products except for eye liner and here's why...

1. I have very oily lids and I have high cheek bones which is awesome (the high cheek bones not the oily lids) but with those features combined I get a lot of eye liner residue build-up under my eyes when my liner flakes, which is a big no-no.  I can deal with colors that fade or products with a robust splash of color, but panda eyes is not something I enjoy rocking and unfortunately there have been one too many times.

2. Black Eyeliner is a one of the most powerful tools to really make your eyes pop, so I am willing to make an investment on a go-to foundation piece that I will use regularly.

3. Frankly, I am tired of looking like a panda and I'm not clear if we're able to return opened drugstore cosmetics or online purchases.  Does anyone have an answer to this one? I've tried multiple liquid eye liners in the department stores and never had a problem with returns.  

Okay, not that I have confessed in paying full price we shall move onward to the bargains conquered! All the products mentioned are items that I had been meaning to try but waited for a generous promotion before sampling. I guess you could say they're more like icing on the cake than pure necessitates, but who doesn't enjoy indulging :)

Come check out my video if you haven't done so already. And why yes that top from Missoni for Target collaboration, but I bought it for $5 (New with tags!). I'll have to blog about that another time

*Skimp: Victoria's Secret Lip Liner (3 for the price of 1) two sets of Bath & Body Works 60 second manicure and matching lotion (Stacked Online B1G1 Free coupon and store's B2G1 Free promotion), Small Tumbler from Yankee Candle in the scent Bahama Breeze (30% off entire purchase coupon)  

What type of products are you willing to pay full price and what items are you not? 

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  1. You look great in your video! The lip liners look like a good deal and nice colors. I didn't know that B&BW gives you complementary hand scrubs in-store, but I got one of those scrubs at Sabon's boutique at the Bryant Park Holiday Fair (one of the bets fairs - love Grand Central's, too). It was so great cuz the water was warm and I was freezing from walking to multiple fairs from noon til evening. I didn't get anything at Sabon, but I love holiday boutiques and craft faires. The items are generally splurges and non-essentials but I find them worth it. They are pieces of art. I got Italian leather gloves at Grand Central's Fair. Still haven't worn them (too nice to wear!) but adore them anyway and do plan to adorn them. How I miss those fairs, the walking, the lights, and spending time with good friends in NYC.

  2. Thanks Carol! Yes art and craft fair really are great fun especially when you have great company :)