Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Attending my 1st International Makeup Artist Tradeshow (IMATS) in Pasadena, CA

As a child I've always appreciated using different medium to create my artworks. I was trained to use watercolors and pastels, but I especially loved painting my masterpieces with oil colors as it seemed the most versatile in creating new colors and developing textures with a paint brush.  So, the transition to using a face as my new canvas is the perfect evolution to my artistic background.

I heard about the IMATS (International Makeup Artists Trade Show) through several youtube beauty gurus and was fascinated by their stories and how far they had travel to attend. Little did I know that this annual event is hosted each year literally in my backyard! So, this year I decided to take the plunge and check it out for myself.  


I was completely blown away by the attention to detail and was just captivated by the live demonstrations.  Combined with the amazing costumes-- un...real!

This trade show is also an amazing avenue for aspiring professional make-up artists to make their debut. The "Battle of the Brushes" is a student competition focused on transforming individuals into fantasy characters and complete with a live catwalk. (I was most excited about this part of the trade show!)

This year's theme was "Wizard of Oz" and many of the entrees were insane (!!!) and looked as if they came straight from the movie set. The entree below took home 2nd place.

While this joy old fella took home 1st prize!  I know it doesn't appear that he's wearing much makeup but believe me, I'm sure the contestant spent hours perfecting this look! 

And of course what trade show would be complete without checking out some new products? And let me tell you... I've never seen so many different beauty products under one roof! There were many mainstream products that included US staples like MAC, Bobbie Brown, Stila etc to international sensations like Gorgeous Cosmetics (Australia), and Hakuhodo (Japan) to newly launched companies like J. Cat Beauty

I promise I will share my IMATS haul soon! It's just taking forever for my videos to load onto youtube! It keeps crashing on each attempt- Geez-la-weez!   


This trade show was pretty amazing with all the live demonstrations, educational workshops, and fabulous makeup products, though I will say that the ticket price is a bit more than I'd like to admit. I believe for presale the tickets were $40-$45 and on the day of it's $50, which sounds like a lot and trust me I pondered about buying a ticket over a one month time span before actually reserving mine.

However, the good news is that many of the products featured were sold at a discounted price ranging from 20%-50% off their retail price. Additionally if you're able to wait till the end of the day on the last show day you can get some of the products up to 80% off because vendors don't want to take everything home. So, if you're eyeing on an item but the price tag is too high, wait till the very end and if it's still there they will probably give it to you at a price-point that you're more comfortable with.

What kind of event would you be willing to spend money on to attend and what's too much?

Yours Truly,


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  1. Hi Irene

    Glad you had a great time last year, I was really happy to see your post. I did the golden Valkyrie makeup with the purple skirt.
    glad you enjoyed it.
    Cheers from KC Mussman <3