Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Free Movie Costume Exhibit at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, CA

There's something special when you watch a movie set in a completely different time period, but it's completely magical when you can see the cinema's costumes up close and personal.  The Bowers Musuem in Santa Ana, CA is currently hosting an exhibit entitled "Cut! Costume and Cinema" which is absolutely stunning and mind blowing.  I had the opportunity to check it out for free on January 6th, as admission is FREE on the first Sunday of each month thanks to a generous endownment by Target.

TIP: The next free Sunday will be February 3rd and March 3rd.  Be sure to check it out before the exhibit is cut on March 10th. 

Here are a few of my favorites costumes on displays, but I sincerely encourage ya'll to take a look in person if you're able to.  Enjoy!  

My jaw dropped when I saw this little red number. It's such a statement piece and I looooove all the ruffle detail on the bodice and skirt. LOVE! 

Everyone loves Johnny Depp and who doesn't love Pirates of the Caribbean?!

I had no idea that this these costumes were award winning! But with all the attention to detail I wouldn't disagree!


And wow check out the dresses from The Phantom of the Opera!  I never noticed all the flower details before. It's crazy how much time and energy the costume department must put in each outfit!  

I've seen The Phantom of the Opera on broadway a few years back, but never had the chance to see it as a movie. Can anyone vouch for it?

Now every one of these ball gowns have to have a solid foundation piece and from the looks of it, it looks pretty heavy, but I guess beauty is pain.  I can't imagine having to wearing all that underneath and  act like a lady!  

Which costume is your favorite?

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