Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Laid Back 2013 New Years Celebration

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you all had a fabulous 2012 and will have an even more glorious 2013. For my family 2012 was filled with new adventures and milestones galore. With everything from the beginning my new blog to launching my small business to celebrating my one year anniversary with my husband as just a few highlights.     

So for this New Years Eve we decided to have a low key New Years celebration by chilling in our room in our comfy PJ's and watching Dick Clarks Rockin' New Years Eve.  But what celebration would be complete without a bottle of Martinelli's? Absolutely love this stuff.

We participated in the countdown and eagerly anticipate our future ahead with a possible 2 week cross country road-trip!! I'll keep you all posted, but you have recommendations on places to hit please leave a comment below. Our plan is to drive from Massachusetts to Southern California.  

What do you look forward to in 2013?

Yours Truly,


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