Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What's in my DVF purse? Burberry, L'Occitane, & More + Video!

I love bags, but I've always been curious about what people put inside their bags over the bag itself. So today I decided to post photos and a video of what I carry on a typical day when I go thrifting. I carry slightly different things on a normal work day, but you'll have to wait for my next post to see that :)

Here's my favorite Diane Von Furstenberg bag that I snagged for $30 at Lucky Shops New York (usually hosted in October by Lucky Magazine. Here's 2012's info) back when I was in grad school. This bag was a part of a charity fundraiser initiative so the proceeds benefited a good cause. I believe that year the beneficiary was Aids Research.

Mr. Banana is my multi-functional pencil and make-up bag that I carry everywhere.  Inside he's carrying two lipsticks, one in a rich red wine color (Color: Gash, Urban Decay) and a soft nude (Color: Fairest Nude, Loreal- clip $2 off any Loreal cosemetics coupon from Target here), and two pens. One pen is a lip liner from Victoria's Secret and the other is an actual blue ball point pen for me to scribble notes or sign autographs (just kidding about the later one).

I also carry my favorite and first Burberry purchase- my purple plaid sunglasses. I purchased this sometime in college and it was my first major splurge.  I absolutely love these!  

And here's another purple item, surprise surprise... If you haven't guessed it already purple is my favorite color. So when I saw this fabulous Ted Baker patent wallet I knew I had to have it. It has Irene written all over it.  It has multiple compartments and a ton of card holders, which I defintiely take advantage of!

Lastly, I carry some type of hand sanitizer, lotion and of my course my purple iphone.  I carry hand sanitizer because I like knowing that my hands are clean and so I can munch on food without worrying about what I touched beforehand. Unfortunately, hand sanitizer also leaves your hands really dry, so I have been using hand cream from L'occitane en Provence. My godmother gifted me the Hand Cream Trio set for Christmas and I love how it makes my hands feel velvety and luxurious.  And I never leave home without my phone, that would be just silly :)  

I also carry women products that are tucked away in the back of my bag as back-up for an emergency and car keys (which I neglected to mention in the video below but...Come check it out and be sure to "like" it)

What do you carry in your purse when you go shopping?

Yours Truly,


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