Tuesday, February 5, 2013

*Date Idea* Fun activities @ Irvine Regional Park

I've always seen these colorful carts at the beach, but never got the chance to ride one. So one day when my husband and I were visiting the Orange County Zoo we decided to give it a try. Check out my yelp review on our zoo adventure and find out how to get a B1G1 Free Admission Ticket!

BTW, the bike rentals are located outside the zoo, which allows for more space to explore and ride around the large park.  We also had a $5 off bike rental coupon as an extra incentive. Click here for a discount code.

I loved riding this (over a traditional bike ride) and I think it's the perfect date activity. There's just so much more intimacy as you ride side-by-side and you really have to work together to conquer some of those challenging hills! We just laughed throughout our ride as we navigated through the pathways and tried not to run over pedestrians and other surreys.  

The view is absolutely gorgeous and the beauty's amplified even more so when enjoyed with a loved one.  This park also has many other fun family friendly activities as well. There's multiple playgrounds for kids of all ages to enjoy, a pony ride and mini ranch, paddle boat, a train-ride and the zoo (as I had mentioned earlier).

We rode around for an hour and trust me an hour is plenty, but loved every minute of it. We unfortuantely needed to head back home immediately after we returned the bike, but had we had more time we certainly would have enjoyed a picnic complete with a Little Red Riding Hood basket and checkered picnic blanket. Next time!  

What's your favorite frugal date activity?

Yours Truly,



  1. So cool! I wish I was in Irvine :(

  2. I rode one of those bikes this summer in Korea!!! Isn't it so much fun???


  3. @azndan2: the next time you're down here you'll know about a few fun things to do
    @lifeasart: yes! absolutely loved it :)