Friday, February 15, 2013

Free Orly Nail-polish & China Glaze Set @ Sally Beauty Supply

This photo doesn't do Orly's Red Carpet nail polish justice as you're not able to see all the wonderful sparkles and glitter, but it's there and in person the red polish was absolutely perfect for Valentines Day (I used it as a top coat and a China Glaze product that you will see below as a base). Did I mention that this was free? Yup, a nail polish that generally retails for $8 was a free gift for any $3 purchase.

Ah-ha! So there was a catch! Yes, and unlike the saying "The best things in life are free," that's wasn't the case for this situation. Though we were allowed to purchase items from the weekly deals or clearance aisle. So I decided to peruse through the store and decided to get this Makin’ Memories Set (below) which includes a picture frame and two full size lacquers: Red Satin (Red Polish), Winter Holly (Green Polish). Yes I do know that it's two months past Christmas, but I saw beyond the winter packaging and knew that these colors would be amazing for three other holidays .

Separately the colors are amazing for Valentines Day,4th of July, and St. Patricks Day. And I've heard nothing but rave reviews on China Glaze polish and I have to admit it's a huge upgrade from my Revlon polish (which does tend to streak upon application). These colors glide on like butter! And the colors are gorgeous! If you want a va-va-voom color for your nails the red is perfect as a stand alone and I can't wait to razzle-dazzle my nails for St. Patty's Day.   

But it gets better! I mean this gift set was on sale for $9.99, then reduced to $4.49 and by the time I got my hands on it it was a mere $2.25!!! Crazyness. (Yeah they were leniant and gave it to me even though I didn't reach the $3 minimum. What nice cashiers).

Each polish sells for about $7.5 at Ulta so I'm guessing this was orignally around $15 ish? Oh and did you see the cute frame. I'll be sure to keep him and bust him out next year :)

The Free Orly Polish with $3 purchase is still going on at all participating Sally Beauty Supply until 2/18 (or until they run out of Orly Nail Polish). The one I went to had 2 large grocery bag full of polish, so get it while you can!

Some of you might be curious as to why Sally Beauty Supply is essentially giving away these items and I have an answer for you! Orly recently changed their packaging so Sally Beauty Supply needs to clear their shelves to make room for new products. The formulas and colors are the same, just the logo look differs. The cashiers even told me that the polishes hadn't even been sitting on the shelves for that long till Orly informed them to clear them out. So it's a win-win for us :)

What color polish are you looking to sport for the upcoming month?

Yours Truly,

Irene Yu 


  1. Wow! You really are a girl after my own heart! Awesome score on that set for only $2.25 plus free polish!!! My sister is a hairdresser, so because of that we practically LIVE in Sally's..haha. She got one of the free polishes yesterday too!!! It was such an awesome lil' surprise :-)

    1. Thanks LifeAsArt! I was really lucky on this trip to Sally's. Which polish did you guys end up getting?