Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Free Today Show Taping w/ KLG, Hoda,+ Flo Rida!!

I think my biggest regret when I was a student in New York was not attending any TV tapings. I mean you have everything from morning shows like Good Morning America (audience info) to goofy night time comedies like Saturday Night Live (audience info) to live cooking demonstrations with Rachel Ray (audience info). Argh... how I wish I could go back in time and attend one of these family friendly and FREE event.

But lord and behold, one of my favorite New York based day time talk shows was heading over to Los Angeles, CA for an on location segment! KLG and Hoda from the Today Show were coming to the West Coast! Woohoo!!!

Since this broadcast was on-location (and we're three hours behind their normal schedule) the tapings were pre-recorded and lucky for us they were shooting three shows that day! And yes my mommy and me did attend all three tapings. :)   

Here's a photo of all the die hard fans waiting in line to see Kathie Lee and Hoda! Look at all the cool signs! I espeically love the two wine glasses. Which one is your favorite?

Here are my girls- KLG and Hoda! This shot was for Presidents Day (this past Monday, Feb 18th) and boy did they show their patriotic pride- go red, white, and blue!!!

Although very brief, I'M ON TV!!! Be sure to watch the "What-The-What?!" segment all the way through since I'm featured at the very end. I was the audience choice winner for the "Caption The Photo Contest" (which in this case was a photo of a dog sticking his tongue out at a cat) and won a Kathie Lee and Hoda mug! Woohoo!

Now for some random photos throughout the day. The cake on the top right was presented to KLG and Hoda Monday Show to celebrate Universal CityWalk's 20th birthday.  Unfortunately we weren't able to sample the treat, but it looked really pretty.  The bottom right photo featured a segment on eyewear for people with all face shapes and the photo to the right is just KLG acting silly.  lol She's actually fixing her mic.


Next up is the Man Panel segment which is where audience members can ask relationship questions to men in different relationship stages (ie. single, divorced etc).  And if you look closely enough you may notice a familiar face.

At the center is actor Jaleel White, or otherwise better known as Urkel. Did I do that?!

Interesting that we've come to a point where we're taking love advice from a guy who was  always heads over heals for a girl that just couldn't stand him.  But take a closer look at the gentlemen in the far left, because we all know that real mean wear pink or as one of my guy friends would call a light shade of red.     

                                                                                         What morning show would be complete without a rockstar appearance? The Today Show brought mega superstar Flo Rida!!! who not only chatted with the hosts, but also brought down the house by singing his #1 hit single "Wild One."  And let me tell you, Flo Rida is just as good (if not better) live. There's just something about hearing vocals live that really gets your blood running and heart racing.  I was even lucky enough to snag a photo with him before he exited.          
My mom and I had such a great time being a part of the studio audience. Thanks KLG and Hoda for coming out to the West Coast!  We love you! And so does LA as depicted in out signs. For my non-French speaking readers it translates to "Love for KLG" and "Love for Hoda"

BTW, for those of you who have Spring Break (teachers, students, retired etc) and live in or near NYC or LA you should definitely consider attending some type of TV taping (morning show, sitcom, etc). They're always free and you never know you might get to be on tv!  Some shows require advance tickets, whereas others are a first come first serve basis.  Here's a great article on audience member protocol and taping tips on attending an LA TV taping

What TV show would you love to be a studio audience for?

Yours Truly,


*Really great article on how to get free stuff! Click here. 
*Shin Sen Gumi: Will be celebrating their 12th birthday with $3 Hakata Ramen at their Fountain Valley Location on Feb 23 and Feb 24.  700 bowls each day, first come first serve. 
*Knotts Berry Farm: B1G1 Free admission ticket. Click here. 


  1. You lucky woman! So all you had to do was show up? Nous aimons KLG et Hoda!

    1. Hi Carol! Yup! This particular taping didn't require tickets just first come first serve. Also thanks again for the catch lingo for my sign. Do you like it? :D