Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No Shopping for 40 Days, HELP?!

I love shopping as much as any other girl, so for Lent this year I thought why not give up buying "unnecessary items" for the 40 day challenge. For this exercise I am qualify un-necessary as cosemetics, clothes, household items, knick-knacks etc otherwise items that are nice to have but not life depending, essentially everything other than food and gas.

So by participating in Lent I felt that it would not only be a good exercise to discipline myself, but it will also reflect quite nicely at the end of my credit card statement. But Ack!!! what have I gotten myself into? Life never felt so restraining!!

While I do recognize that shopping with a list is effecient, it's not nearly as fun as implusive buys especially if you're thrifting or bargain hunting. So up until Easter my blog entrees will reflect this temporary lifestyle choice, though it defintiely hasn't been easy. I'm having major shopping withdrawls and I'm heavily craving the art of hunting. Anyone else fasting?

In the meantime I have been spending my free time with the following

1. Watch random travel/food shows. I've recently discovered "Unique Eats" which is like Food Network's "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" but with a focus on restaurants that twist a classic item as well as the new foodie reality show "The Taste."  Though I would be interested in a new show. Any recommendations?

2. Clean the house. You'd be surprised at how time consuming organizing and reorganizing takes. I feel like I've been cleaning for days and yet the progress seems grim :/

3. Editing photos. Wow there are a TON of photos that I haven't even touched yet. Hopefully by the end of this fast I'll be a pro at Lightroom (A Photoshop for Dummies like program)

4. Cooking. While I love to eat, I'm not much of a chef, hopefully that will change.

What do you do to occupy your mind when you're having withdrawls?

Yours Truly,



  1. I am fully confident that you can make it through these 40 days! Perhaps you'll even feel liberated at the end of it. And definitely don't forget that forgoing something is intended to free up energy to do other things that can help you focus on God.

    As for ideas, maybe you can serve family or friends through the activities you mentioned, e.g., cook a meal for a loved one, or edit a photo (or more) and send it to a friend or create a collage. Often, that can be a great motivator to do something. And of course, it feels good. Do you like to read? I find that a good book totally transports you to another place (hopefully a good one). Victor is really into "Shark Tank" right now (maybe we talked about this?). Perhaps you could spend time journaling or reading the Word more. I'm trying to write down praises during my devotionals to help me be more thankful for what I have, such as good friends like you. Good luck and keep me posted on your good progress!

  2. Thanks Carol! I think fasting definitely puts things into perspective and without God I don't know how people would get through some of their greatest challenges (even small ones that we set for ourselves). Hope you're having a great week!