Monday, February 4, 2013

Superbowl Sunday Feast & Favorite Million Dollar Commercials

Regardless of your team affiliation, yesterday's game was an exhilarating one. With a half hour power outage, I guess St. Louis couldn't handle Beyonce AND a special appearance by her former Destiny's Child band members. The reunion rekindled fond childhood memories and made the entire household that much more eager for the second half.  Though I will admit that I was mostly rooting for the food and commercials. We started our grazing with chips/dip (not pictured) and this beautiful platter of super sweet fruit, which not only served as beautiful decor but was delicious and nutricious as well!  

But here's the game changer, instead of ordering in pizza the host family prepared a "create-your-own-pizza" booth for us to customize our own pizza. Complete with fresh dough, home-made marinara sauce, mozerella cheese and a wide assortment of toppings (all purchased from Lucci's Deli in Huntington Beach).  This was such a fun activitiy to really play with our food and enjoy the great company.

Now any good party wouldn't be complete without dessert, so I picked up 4 bundtlet (single serving cakes) from Nothing Bundt Cakes in Mission Viejo. See my yelp review here. They also have a location in Costa Mesa (See yelp review here) where I purchased an 8" version for my Grandma birthday.  

And who can forget about all the commercials! At $3.8 million dollars for a 30 second slot you'd hope they'd be memorable and while the vast majority were not, here are my two picks. If you weren't able to catch it between the game's breaks come check out the youtube clips that I conveniently placed below. :) 

I heard Psy was going to make his superbowl debut this year and here it is! Complete with a vibrant suit and matching dance moves- Crackin' Gangnam style :)

*Warning* If you are a 49ers fan, you may be offended, but gosh this was hilarious.  What a great way to leave an impression. Absolutely loved this commercial.

What was your favorite Superbowl commercial?

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