Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yelp Tasting @ Slaters 50/50 in Lakeforest, CA

As an avid yelper, I had the pleasure to attend a soft opening for Slaters 50/50 in Lakeforest, CA for a complimentary tasting and was even allowed to bring a +1! Woohoo! I decided to bring my amazing friend and mentor Barb since she's never experienced the wonders of Slaters 50/50, even though there was a location just footsteps away from her home. Crazyness!  I for one, fondly remember my first visit at their Anaheim branch and just drooled over all the unique combinations.  So going into this food tasting I knew everything would taste amazing. This is a great gourmet burger joint in the mid-tier price range.

We first started off with a trio sampler appetizer plate with sweet potatoe fries, onion rings, and fried bacon mac n' cheese balls, each of which had their own dipping sauce. I never really pictured these combinations together, but they worked! The paired the sweet potatoe fries with a pumpkin sauce (really delicious), the onion rings with a home-made BBQ sauce, and the fried balls with Tapatio ranch. 

While the marriage between the sweet potatoe fries and pumpkin sauce was a match made in heaven, the winning item on platter had to go the fried bacon & mac 'n cheese balls. I mean those round indulgances epitomize comfort food. While unfortuantely the onion rings were my least favorite. They were a bit soggy, which is definitely not a sexy characteristic to possess.    

I was already starting to get full from when load and behold our burgers arrived. I ordered the Hawaiian Burger, which was a creation complete with their signature 50/50 patty (50% ground beef and 50% bacon, yeah seriously...) topped with a grilled pineapple, Spam, sunny side up egg, American cheese, baconnaise and a teriyaki glaze on a beautiful white brioche bread. I cannot see any flaw with this burger and it tasted just as amazing.

My partner however ordered a much healthier alternative and decided to try the World's Greatest Turkey Burger which consisted of a turkey patty topped with smoked gouda, baby greens, red onions, a portobello mushroom cap and creamy pesto sauce on a honey wheat bun. Mmm... But there was no holding back on our last and finale dish.

A decadent bacon chocolate brownie (though the texture is more like a cake) with three scoops of vanilla ice cream.  The saltiness of the bacon contrasting against the sweetness of the warm chocolate with the smooth ice cold ice cream was the perfect combination to end our gourmet meal.

Food should be fun and I especially love all the twisted combinations that Slaters 50/50 presented to their patrons. And I mean bacon makes everything taste better, don't you agree? With burgers ranging in the $12-$15 price range, this definitely isn't your typical McDonalds meal. But if you want to indulge in a creative and decadent creation this joint will definitely get you hooked..

AND they're participating in Orange County Restaurant Week (menu details here) starting Sunday Feb 24th! For $15 you get an appetizer and a burger (which usually can cost $15 as is). Great deal and an even more amazing meal.

Or if you're feeling like pigging on out a decadent burger there are a ton of other restaurants participating in Orange County Restaurant Week at all price points starting at $15 for Lunch to $40 dinners. There's chill laid back restaurants like Zimzala (yelp review) to fancy-shamcy old- money restaurants like the Ritz Carlton and a ton more!!

What dish do you look most forward to while dining at your favorite restaurant?

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  1. Both burgers look good. I've been on the hunt for a good Turkey burger! So far the best one I've had was at TC. Sometimes I really miss TCafeteria!

  2. Mmm... come down to the OC and I can take you to try it :)