Monday, March 25, 2013

Restaurant Review: Delicious Bacon Chicken Ranch Pizza @ Ernesto's Pizzeria in Boston, MA

While exploring the North End of Boston we decided to pop into a local award-winning pizzeria to see what the fuss was all about.  With the restaurant designated as a "cheap eat" with its single dollar sign and a 4 star rating on yelp, I thought this would be a good contender for a local value meal and boy did I hit the nail on the head!   

The spaces screams hole-in-the-wall and while the decor is a bit dated you shouldn't let the humble appearance prevent you from sampling their decadent pies. My husband and I shared "a slice" (a quarter of a full size pizza) of their Bacon Chicken Ranch pizza and it was heavenly and for just $5.  Check out my yelp review for the details!
This cozy mom n' pop shop is the type of place I'd imagine the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to hang out with electic art-decoesc portraits hanging on the wall and the crazy awesome pizza combinations. But then again when you combine Bacon, Chicken, and Ranch together you have the holy trinity :)   

Ernesto's is a fanastic spot for a bargain meal, but if you're looking for an excellent spot to indulge, check out Neptune's Oyster (yelp review) next door. They sell lobster rolls (as noted on the sign behind Ernesto's), but the oysters are the stars. Freshly caught, they exude flavors that frozen oysters would never be able to compare. But if you want an equally delicious oyster snack for $1 be sure to stay tuned on the upcoming posts!

What attraction are you looking forward to seeing most on my mini Boston adventure? Splurge? Bargain... Lets hear it! :)

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