Monday, March 18, 2013

Restaurant Review: Gourmet Pancakes @ Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA

I am definitely not a morning person, but I absolutely cannot stand LA morning traffic especially when the commute is from Orange County. Yuck! The traffic is just atrocious. But when I confirmed my 9am appointment in Universal City Walk, I thought why not wake up earlier and try a new breakfast spot in the area. I would not only try a new spot, but also beat part of the commute! Two birds with one stone!  So after a quick yelp search and an overwhelming number of positive reviews, I selected a local and celeb favorite- Griddle Cafe.

Celebrity Chef Rachel Ray enthusiastically endorsed it and it's made an appearance on almost every publication (including hot shots like New York Times to local columns like the Daily Trojan). So you can imagine how super excited I was about trying this neighborhood gem and sharing it with my readers.  Check out my Yelp Review on the details. 

My mom and I are all about spending quality time together, but what better way to do it than by enjoying a delicious and hearty breakfast.  First up was the Caberello, one of the largest breakfast burritos that I have ever seen. Stuffed with scrambled eggs, potatoes, green chilies, chorizo and topped with fresh salsa, sour cream, and avocados, mmm... And it is enormous!

And of course we had to try at least one house speciality, which are their critically acclaimed pancakes! And let me tell you there are definiteily some interesting combinations. From red velvet  to oreo-filled flapjacks, I think there's a pancake for every patron who yearns for their childhood.

However, after careful consideration I decided to go with a crowd pleaser and chose the "Tis the season" which is home-made pumpkin pie filled pancake concotion.  Tasted just like a pumpkin pie.  

Overall it was a great breakfast experience and definitely a great value for it's price. We could have easily split any one of these entrees and still have left-overs, but we wanted to maximize our trip and indulge in their offerings.  It took three people in two meal seatings to finish it all off. There was just THAT much food, good thing it was tasty :) 

Whats your favorite high value breakfast spot to fuel up for a long day?

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