Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Restaurant Week- Prime Cut Cafe in Orange, CA

I love red meat and while I don't frequent steakhouses regularly, my cousin and I decided to check out Prime Cut Cafe (Yelp Review) in Orange, CA during OC Restaurant Week, a week dedicated to allow patrons to sample an appetizer, entree, and dessert at a fixed rate. The Restaurant Week concept is awesome because it gives patrons an opportunity to sample a few of the restaurant's top selling dishes, in a bundle, for a fraction of the traditional total price--making this a great value!
There were many restaurant participants this year and we decided to try this establishment based on their expansive restaurant week menu (2013 Menu) options. My cousin and I decided to start off our meal with their house deviled eggs with bacon bits (pictured below).  

Next, we branched out and ordered a different entree. I ordered the filet minon tacos as it was highly recommended by the server.  While it was sophisticated take on local grub, it was a bit dry and needed some type of sauce to help balance the meal. The sauce next to the tacos was quite spicy and there was no indication of that on the menu. So, unfortunately, I could not enjoy it as most patrons would have. Looking back I should have asked for some A1 sauce to help with my dilemma.

I wished I ordered what my cousin selected as it was a perfectly balanced meal. You have your juicy protein soaking up the au jus that was originally presented on the side, then you have your fresh and lively spinach to accompany the traditional yorkshire pudding (the bread looking thing at the center) and garlic mashed potatoes. Absolutely delicious!

Lastly we finished off our meal with a slice of carrot cake.  The cream cheese frosting and coconut flakes were decadent without being overly sweet. Very tasty.
The atmosphere inside is very elegant and also quite spacious, making this restaurant a great location for group gatherings.  I only wished that I choose something else as my main entree as it wasn't my favorite. However, given how delectable my cousin's prime rib entree was I would definitely order that if I was invited to dine at this destination again.  

There are always hits and misses when you explore new horizons, and unfortunately on this occasion my experience was a miss, though I should gone with my gut feeling and tried the Braised Beef Short Ribs with Mascarpone polenta and roasted root vegetables versus the recommendation. *snaps fingers* Maybe next time.
Have you experienced a time when an opportunity of great value did not turn out as you had expected?
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