Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring OOTD: Chambray Dress, D&G Heels, and Strip Cardigan

Yee-ha! The weather is starting to warm up in Southern California, which means I can show a bit more leg. Haha... I decided to explore my closet as I am still on my shopping fast and found this chambray dress that hasn't seen daylight in months. So, I decided to have some fun with this as a base and here's what I came up with!  Enjoy! 

Chic Cowgirl
Earings: Forever 21, Costa Mesa, CA

D&G Shoes: Goodwill, Los Angeles, CA (Thrifted)
Cowboy Belt: Women Helping Women, Santa Ana, CA (Thrifted)
Chambray Dress: Women Helping Women, Santa Ana, CA (Thrifted)
Strip Cardigan: Forever 21, Costa Mesa, CA
I have been dieing to wear my prized wooden Dolce and Gabbana heels san tights for a while, and thought this pairing would be the perfect Spring debut. The heels make the outfit girly, while the wooden sole and heel heel bring the look to a more down-to-Earth appeal. Next I decided to top it off with my go-to strip Forever 21 cardigan (with the sleeved rolled up) and a cowboy belt to snich my waist. Lastly a a diamond shapped earrings to help elongate my face and ta-da! I think this outfit is perfect for spring as this pairing is feminine and put-together, without screaming high maintance.

What piece from your closet are you most excited about wearing for Spring?

Yours Truly,


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