Monday, March 4, 2013

Traditional Mochi @ Fugetsu-Do in Little Tokyo, CA

If you're planning to make a trip to Little Tokyo, CA you absolutely need to go check out Fugetsu-Do (yelp review), a small sweet shop specializing in traditional Japanese treats- mochis!  Not only are the desserts tasty, but you'd be amazed by its history too (read article here). It's crazy that this little confectionary store has as it's been a family business since 1903 and you'll be even more amazed by the challenges the family had to endure to continue the family legacy. But lets get right in and see what this mochi business is all about!

For my readers who are scratching their heads an thinking " What in the world is a mochi?" Well my friend... a mochi is a small round rice cake with delicious fillings ranging from red or white bean paste to various fruit assortments.  Look at all the yummy mochis below, yum! And at a mere $1.20 or $1.40 a piece you certainly can try them all.

Oh yes... and did I also mention that these are all hand-made every morning? So you're definitely going to get fresh treats daily!

The white mochi below with the choclate dot is my absolute favorite. It's strawberry flavored and the chewy texture combined with the sweet choclate top makes it the perfect treat.  While the shop's interior is quite humble the desserts are glorious all on it's own. 
Also while you are in Little Tokyo be sure to check out the foot of each shop. The different cement blocks document the history of each plot of land and help us get a glimpse of what their past. We can see that Fugetsudo has definitely been a solid part of this community since the beginning and I hope for themto contiue serving their delectable treats for many more years to come.  

I've never really had a huge sweet tooth, but like many Asian desserts the mochis here are not overwhelmingly sweet and instead possess a more delicate flavor with a hint of sweetness.  It's not often that I get to nom on mochi's so each rice cake is always a treat! :)   
What's your favorite sweet treat?

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