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That's me! Irene :)
Hello! My name's Irene, but my friends call me Rockstar (a pet name given to me by a college friend).  I live a double-life just like the cape crusader as a professional by day and superhero by night. Only I save people from paying retail-price!

My favorite word is "Free," followed closely by "Clearance" and "Sale," though I am a firm believer in walking away from a deal if the item/service truly is not needed. A bargain is only as good as the void it fills.

I'm a California bred and New York educated entrepreneur who loves fashion, mom-n-pop shops, and worldwide travel. Ironically my style if fairly classic though I sometimes have bi-poloar tendencies and make surprising purchases (ie. red pants, snake-skin designed shoes both of which I absolutely love!).  My threshold for most purchases/services stands at about $20 (with certain exceptions), and I believe pre-loved clothing can be infused into your closest as basic pieces. It's not just for the hipsters!

I live for Jesus and hope to document this journey on bargain milestones and deal temptations to help myself and Irene-like readers to learn and grow.  Thanks for stopping by!

Yours Truly,


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