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Mommy and Me :)
Welcome to my blog!

My name's Irene and I'll be your partner-in-crime to live a smart and frugal lifestyle.  Though I love shopping, eating and traveling, I don't allow the lavish price tags to dictate my choice on "to spend or not to spend." Instead I challenge myself to find it (or an equivalent) for less!  Over the years I've learned a great deal on saving and my spending habits, and hope to help readers implement these techniques and strategies in their everyday lives. And of course I've had my fair share of epic fais and hope that my mistakes can set an example.

My inspiration stems from my mother who taught me from a young age about shopping smart and I hope that I can share her wisdom.  Thanks for checking me out and I hope yo will join me on my journey to explore the world and live large with a friendlier budget.

Yours Truly,



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